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                                         FUN TIME!

           Family Bingo -                                         Family Trivia Night

           Wednesday June 17                                      Tuesday August 4

                                  B-I-N-G-O!! Diagonal, across,   Join us for a night of family fun. Form a team of up to 6
                                  four corners, and cover all     members with family or friends. (Each team must have
                                  are just a few ways to win!!!   an adult 18 or older with a maximum of 2 adults per
                                  Join us to kick off summer      team).  Questions will be geared toward all age groups.
                                  with some weekday family        There will be prizes for the winners.  Pizza will be served.
           fun! Each registered player will receive cards to play all
           bingo games. Prizes will be awarded. Included after the   Pre-registration is required by July 31, 2020
           last game will be a build your own sundae bar with lots   Code:       54303-3
           of yummy toppings.                                     Ages:          All
           Pre-registration required by June 12, 2020                            Children must be accompanied by an adult
                                                                  Time:          6 – 8 PM
           Code:          54303-1                                 Location:      Rec Center
           Ages:          5+
                          Children must be accompanied by an adult  Fee per player:  $10 res/$13 nr
           Time:          6 – 7:30 PM                                            Children under 3 are free
           Location:      Rec Center                              Min/Max:       18/50
           Fee per player:  $8 res/$11 nr
           Min/Max:       15/50

                                                                  FROZEN IN JULY
           Family Bags                                            Thursday July 30

           Tournament                                             You have seen the movies once, twice, or several times.
           Thursday July 23                                       Come cool off with us and meet Princess Elsa. This is a
                                                                  meet and greet with photo opportunities.  Enjoy a frozen
           It’s time for some family friendly competition.  Show   treat and make a take home craft.
           off your skills by forming a 2-person team for a bag   Pre-registration only by July 14th is required.
           tournament. (One player must be over 18). Overall
           tournament structure depends on the number of          Code:        54304
           teams registered. The top two teams will win prizes.   Ages:        All Ages (with parent)
           Refreshments will be served. Families may bring their               Adults and children under 12 months are free
           own bag set.                                           Time:        6:30 - 7:30 PM
                                                                  Location:    Rec Center
           Pre-registration required by July 20, 2020
                                                                  Fee per team:  $10 res/$13 nr
           Code:          54303-2                                 Min/Max:     20/40
           Ages:          7+
           Time:          6 – 8 PM
           Location:      Rec Center
           Fee per team:   $25 res/$33 nr
           Min/Max:       6/16

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