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LITTLE TYKES                                      GIRLS BASKETBALL PRE-SEASON
                   It’s time to play! Little  Tykes offers the essential element of   CLINIC
                   unstructured play  helping  your little  one  with their  emotional   The season is almost here! Before we officially start come out for a
                   and social development.  This is a great opportunity to make new   pre-season clinic. This clinic is meant to give girls the opportunity
                   friends and reunite with old buddies.  Bounce house, trucks, balls,   to prepare for the upcoming basketball season. Coach Tyler will
                   building blocks and other play equipment will be available.    run the girls through a variety of drills focused on individual skill
                                                                     development including ball handling, passing, and shooting.
                   An adult MUST accompany and supervise their little tike during   Participants are required to bring their own ball. Please arrive 10
                   this program. Other provisions must also be made for siblings too   minutes early to ensure class begins on time. Masks are required!
                   old to participate. They may not be left unattended in other areas
                   of the facility. Tykes may not bring riding toys with them.  Grades  1st-8th

                                                                     Instructor   Tyler LeGrand
                   Age          12 months - 5 years                  Location     Rec Center Gym
                   Location     Rec Center                           Fee          $25R/$33NR
                   Fees         $2R/$3NR                             Day          Wednesday
                                10 punches $18R/$27NR                Min/Max      6/20
                                20 Punches $25R/$53NR
                                Not Available 12/24, 12/31             DATES      TIME          GRADE
                   Day          Tuesday, Thursday, Friday              1/5        4:30-5:30P    1-2
                                                                       1/5        5:45-6:45P    3-4
                     DATES       TIME       AGE                        1/5        7:00-8:00P    5-8
                     12/2-2/25   9-11:30A   12 months - 5 years

                                                                     DODGEBALL GAMES
                                                                     Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge! Players will compete against
                                                                     each other in a variety of dodgeball games. Each class will introduce
                                                                     different dodgeball games ranging from the dr. dodgeball, scatter
                                                                     ball, and the classic dodgeball game among a variety of others.
                                                                     Face coverings must be worn at all times while indoors.

                                                                     Instructor   Tyler LeGrand
                                                                     Location     Rec Center
                                                                     Fees         $60R/$78NR
                                                                     Day          Monday
                                                                       DATES      TIME          GRADE
                    SOCCER SHOTS                                       1/17-2/28   4:00-4:45p   3-5
                   Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus
                   on skill building and  character development. Our caring team
                   positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-  FLOOR HOCKEY
                   in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Each program   Attention all Hockey fans, Floor Hockey is back! This class is meant
                   level features age-appropriate lessons that align with childhood   to teach participants the fundamentals of hockey including
                   education standards.                              shooting, passing, and stick handlining. Each class will include an
                                                                     intra-squad scrimmage between the participants. Come on out
                   Age          2-8 years                            and enjoy all the benefits this game has to offer. The journey to the
                   Instructor   Soccer Shots                         Stanley Cup starts here!
                   Location     Rec Center Gym
                   Fees         $110R/$143NR                         Face coverings must be worn at all times while indoors.
                                 $123R/$160NR (5-8)
                   Day          Tuesday PM                           Instructor   Tyler LeGrand
                   Min/Max      Age 2 4/8, Age: 3-8 5/12             Location     Rec Center

                     DATES       TIME          AGE                   Fees         $60R/$78NR
                     1/11-3/1    4:30-5:00P    2                     Day          Wednesday
                     1/11-3/1    5:10-5:45P    3-5                     DATES      TIME          GRADE
                     1/11-3/1    5:55-6:40P    5-8                     1/19-3/2   4:00-4:45     3-5


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