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          The professional staff of All Star Sports Instruction knows what it takes to coach and compete at high levels.  Learning proper mechanics
          and footwork early can make huge difference as the athletes grow.

          Trained and dedicated, the All Star Staff has the patience and know how to motivate and get down to the young players level.  All of the
          Junior programs are designed to keep everyone actively moving, thinking and having fun!  Drills are hidden in fun games and terminology
          that kids can understand.   The All Star coaches are dedicated to making sure that each child has positive and fun experience in whatever
          sport they choose as they begin to develop a passion for their desired sport.  Learning about teamwork and sportsmanship is a large part
          of these programs and extremely important for them to grasp.  They will always be part of a team, no matter what their surroundings and
          our goal is to fuel the passion as we get them started in the right direction.

        BASKETBALL JR. PROGRAM TL                          T-BALL JR. PROGRAM TL
        Our instructional program is designed to teach the game of   T-Ball can be a boring game if taught the wrong way!  The All
        basketball at a basic level while making sure the players stay active   Star approach to baseball is one that will engage all players no
        and engaged the entire class!  Fun basketball like games will be   matter their skill level.  Our coaching technique will provide basic
        played to teach the importance of each skill learned.  Our foundation   building blocks in a fun safe environment.  We have created a
        technique focuses on basic mechanics to build confidence then   system that keeps the players moving and learning even while in
        adding larger challenges as we progress.  Footwork is an extremely   the dugout!  Mechanics and hand eye coordination are the keys
        important aspect of the game.  This means no players will be   to early success. Players in this program will be more confident in
        sitting!  We will work on dribbling with both each hand, passing   this active class as we work on the proper mechanics of catching,
        and shooting technique, and understanding basic offense and   throwing, fielding, base running and batting.  This fun and exciting
        defense.  All of our programs are based on learning teamwork and   program will prepare each player for the level II, t-ball or coach
        sportsmanship.                                     pitch leagues.  All of our programs are based on learning teamwork
        Equipment: Please bring a water bottle             and sportsmanship.
                                                           Equipment: Please bring a water bottle and glove
        Day          Friday
        Fee          $84R/$109NR                           Day          Friday
        Location     Rec Center Gym                        Fee          $84R/$109NR
        Instructor   All Star Sports                       Location     Rec Center Gym                         YOUTH ATHLETICS
        Min/Max      6/12                                  Instructor   All Star Sports
        No Class     7/1                                   Min/Max      6/12
          DATES      TIME         AGE                      No Class     7/1
          6/10-7/29   3:00-3:45P   3-4                       DATES      TIME         AGE
          6/10-7/29   3:45-4:45P   5-6                       6/10-7/29   5:00-5:45P   3-4
                                                             6/10-7/29   5:45-6:45P   5-6

        Pleasant Dale Park District would like to recognize the efforts and dedication of our volunteer basketball
        coaches. These individuals went above and beyond by dedicating their time and talents to bring the best
        possible experience to their players in our 2022 Girls Basketball League. These coaches help make up the
        quality programs that we offer here at Pleasant Dale Park District. On behalf of our community, our staff,
        and all the players you coach…THANK YOU!

        Lindsey Konstant        Matt Estep              Jeff Wendt               Vinay Mullick
        Jesus Quintana          Bill Brockob            Mark Bagdon              Brent Mulder
        Greg Scovitch           Alyson Lubker           Rebecca Goodrich         Chris Langstaff
        Chris Rafferty          Mike Natale             Alison Carithers         Noah Praetz
        Josh Sutter             Kathleen Cordova        Heather Joyce            Tim Holcer
        Mike Hawbaker           Alex Smith              Brian Webb               Joe Furey
        Tara Bolding            Miguel Navarrete        Tony Nowak               Jonas Umbrasas
        Jenny Turocy            James Leonard           Chris Rinehardt          Frank Coglianese
        Moe Abbate              Jen Borkowski           Mike Anderson            Alberta Limoges
        Dan Lenzen              Chris Buday             Jill Lundin              Brian Ruff
        David Gallagher         Michael Cavato          Matt Metrik                                          11
        Ken Zaugh               Jorge Martinez          Brett Kovel

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