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DODGEBALL GAMES TL                                FLOOR HOCKEY TL
                     Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive, and Dodge! Players will compete against   Attention all Hockey fans, Floor Hockey is back! This six-week class
                     each other in a variety of dodgeball games. Each class will introduce   is meant to teach participants the basic fundamentals of hockey
                     different dodgeball games ranging from the dr. dodgeball, scatter   including shooting, passing, and stick handlining. Come on out
                     ball, and the classic dodgeball game among a variety of others.   and enjoy all the benefits this game has to offer. The journey to the
                                                                       Stanley Cup starts here!
                     Day          Monday
                     Fee          $57R/$74NR                           Face coverings must be worn at all times while indoors.
                     Location     Rec Center Gym
                     Instructor   Tyler LeGrand                        Day          Wednesday
                     Min/Max      8/20                                 Fee          $57R/$74NR
                     No Class     7/4                                  Location     Rec Center Gym
                                                                       Instructor   Tyler LeGrand
                       DATES      TIME         GRADE                   Min/Max      6/12
                       6/6-7/18   4:15-5P      3-5
                                                                         DATES      TIME         GRADE
                     TENNIS TL                                           6/8-7/13   4:15-5P      3-5
                     Spring is here and the weather is finally turning. That means it’s
                     time to get your racquet and hit the hardcourt. This class is a great
                     introduction to the basics of the sport or you can fine-tune your
                     skills if you have previous experience. Whatever your skill level,
                     you’ll have a fun time.
                     Day          Monday
                     Fee          $61R/$84NR
                     Location     Walker Park Tennis Courts
                     Instructor   Challenge Tennis Academy
                     Min/Max      4/8

                       DATES      TIME          GRADE                  SOCCER SHOTS TL
                       6/6-6/27   12-12:45P      PreK-1st              Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus
                       6/6-6/27   1-2P          2nd-5th                on skill building and  character development. Our caring team
                       6/6-6/27   2-3P          6th-10th               positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-
                       7/11-8/1   12-12:45P     PreK-1st               in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Each program
                       7/11-8/1   1-2P          2nd-5th                level features age-appropriate lessons that align with childhood
                       7/11-8/1   2-3P          6th-10th               education standards. 

                                                                       Day          Tuesday AM/PM
                                                                       Fee          $123R/$160NR
                                                                                     $138R/$180NR (5-8)
                                                                       Location     Walker Park Soccer Field
                                                                       Instructor   Soccer Shots
                                                                       Min/Max      Age 2 - 4/8
                                                                                    Age 3-8 - 5/10

                                                                         DATES       TIME          AGE
                                                                         6/14-8/9    9:20-9:50A    2
                                                                         6/14-8/9    10-10:35A     3-5
                                                                         6/14-8/9    4:30-5P       2
                                                                         6/14-8/9    5:15-5:50P    3-5
                                                                         6/14-8/9    6-6:30P       3-5
                                                                         6/14-8/9    6:45-7:30P    5-8


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