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                  Fall will be here before you know it. That means it’s time to hit the
                  hardwood and get that jump shot ready. Players will be coached
                  by volunteer parents that stress game fundamentals, teamwork,
                  sportsmanship, and fun! Basketballs, rules, and specifications are
                  tailored to fit each grade division appropriately. The league will
                  consist of one practice Monday-Friday and a game on Saturday.

                  Boys Basketball registration deadline is Saturday, September
                  10. Registrations taken after this date will be placed on the wait
                  list and be assessed a $20 late fee. Sign up on time, as there are
                  no guarantees that a child will be accepted off the wait list. Late
                  registrations will be accepted through the Sunday after the Meet
                  and Greet, are not allowed to use the buddy request system, and
                  are not to attend the Meet and Greet. If you are on the wait list, you
                  will be notified via email a few days after the Meet and Greet if your
                  child has been added to a team and you will pick up your uniform
                  at the front desk on the first day of games.

                  We are unable to accept requests for practice days/times and/
                  or specific coaches on any registrations. After team rosters are
                  assembled each team will be assigned to a specific practice time,
                  based on volunteer coach preferences, between 4-9pm. 1st/2nd
                  grade teams will not be placed in the 8:10-9:00pm practice slot.
                  Players that cannot attend their scheduled practice time will not
                  be moved to another team. They will be offered the opportunity
                  to practice with another team at a more convenient time but will
                  still play games on Saturdays with their original team. One properly
                  completed buddy request will be honored (See program guide for
                  “Buddy Request Rules”).

                  Parent Meet and Greet for those registered before the deadline will
                  take place on Thursday, October 13 from 7-7:30pm. Please plan to
                  attend to meet your coach and pick up your uniform and schedule.

                  Day          Monday-Saturday (Practice 1x/week and       SEE BUDDY RULES REQUEST PAGE 11
                               game on Saturday)
                  Fee          $98R/$127/NR
                  Time         Practices 4:00-9:00P, Games 8:00A-6:00P
                  Location     Walker Park Rec Center/Pleasant Dale
                               Middle School
                  Instructor   Volunteer Coaches

                    DATES        GRADE
                    10/17-12/17   1st-2nd
                    10/17-12/17   3rd-4th
                    10/17-12/17   5th-6th
                    10/17-12/17   7th-8th


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