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PAINT AND PIZZA SC                                  AMERICAN RED CROSS
                    Join us for a night of fun with painting and pizza! Artists will paint   BABYSITTING CLASS SC
                    a canvas masterpiece and enjoy having pizza while having a fun   Babysitter’s Training gives youth caregivers the skills and
                    evening with friends.                               confidence to safely and responsibly care for children and

                                                                        infants. Through hands-on activities, interactive video, and lively
                    Day          Friday                                 discussions, the course teaches young people how to:
                    Fee          $35R/$41NR                             • Care for children and infants.
                    Instructor   RAD Canvas                             • Be good leaders and role models.
                    Location     Rec Center                             • Make good decisions and solve problems.
                    Min/Max      6/20                                   • Keep the children they babysit and themselves safe.

                      DATES      TIME         AGE                       • Handle emergencies such as injuries, illnesses and household
                      1/6        6-8P         8-13                        accidents.
                                                                        • Write resumes and interview for jobs.
                                                                        Training class is 7.5 hours long.  Please plan to bring a lunch and
                    FLASHBACK NEON  80’S GLAM                           water  bottle  with  you.   Participants  will  receive  a  certificate  of
                    DANCE PARTY SC
                    Come dressed up and join Glitzy Girlz staff (   Day  Saturday
                    for a night of 80’s fun filled with 80’s glam, neon fashion & dance   Fee  $130R/$160NR
                    hits!  GG Staff will give “dated” makeovers complete with neon   Instructor   American Red Cross
                    headband, colored hair spray, makeup, and neon nail polish.  Crafts   Location   Rec Center
                    will include a neon bag and bracelet with totally awesome 80’s   Min/Max  8/10
                    style.  The night will end with some fun dance flashbacks and cool
                    photos and props!                                     DATES      TIME         AGE
                                                                          1/21       9A-4:30P     11-15
                    Day          Tuesday
                    Fee          $36R/$47NR
                    Instructor   Glitzy Girls
                    Location     Rec Center
                    Min/Max      10/20

                      DATES      TIME         AGE
                      2/21       6-7:15P      4-11


                                                                         Paint and Pizza Painting


                                                 Winter 2023  |  Pleasant Dale Park District
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