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                    Illinois Shotokan Karate Club is Chicagoland’s premier karate school taught under the instruction of John DiPasquale, a four-time National
                    Champion, and President of the American Shotokan Karate Association.
                    Our Adult classes release tension, develop total body fitness and build stamina and overall productivity! In addition to self-defense skills,
                    karate increases flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscle tone, while improving core strength.

                    Parent/Child classes are a great way to spend quality time with your child, while conditioning muscles, developing coordination and
                    improving cardiovascular fitness.
                    -Uniforms and Belt-Testing are options available through the ISKC instructor.
                    -Please note that the Youth, Parent/Child and Adult Classes may train together.
                    -Beginner students will not be permitted to register into the current session after the second class has met.
                    -Registration for continuers through advanced students will be accepted after the start date, but the full class fee is required.
                    -Please visit WWW.ISKC.COM for more information or call us at 847-359-0666

                    Day          Tuesday
                    Fee          $150R/NR
                    Location     Clarendon Hills Community Center
                                 315 Chicago Ave, Clarendon Hills
                    Instructor   Illinois Shotokan Karate Club
                    Max          5
                      DATES       TIME       LEVEL                      AGE
                      6/14-8/30   4:15-5:00P  Pre-Karate-Beginner       4-6
                      6/14-8/30   5:10-5:55P   Pre-Karate-Continuer     4-6
                                             (2 or more prior sessions)
                      6/14-8/30   6:05-7:00P   Youth/Adult-Beginner/Continuer   7+
                                             (White Belts)
                      6/14-8/30   7:10-8:05P   Intermediate             7+
                                             (White - Orange Belts)
                      6/14-8/30   8:15-9:10P   Advanced                 7+
                                             (Yellow - Black Belts)


                    Day          Friday
                    Fee          $150R/NR
                                  $192R/NR (Adult Advanced Brown - Black Belt)
                    Location     Willowbrook-Burr Ridge Sports Performance Center, 7850 S. Quincy St., Willowbrook
                    Instructor   Illinois Shotokan Karate Club
                    Max          5

                      DATES       TIME       LEVEL                      AGE
                      6/10-8/26   4:00-4:45P  Pre-Karate-Beginner/Continuer  4-7
                                             (1 or less prior session)
                      6/10-8/26   4:50-5:35P   Pre-Karate-Int/Adv       4-7
                                             (2 or more prior sessions)
                      6/10-8/26   5:40-6:35P   Youth-Beginner/Continuer   8-14
                                             (White-Orange Belts)
                      6/10-8/26   6:40-7:35P   Intermediate             8-14
                                             (Yellow-Green Belts)
                      6/10-8/26   7:40-8:35P   Advanced                 8-14
                                             (Purple & up/Inst. Perm)
                      6/10-8/26   6:40-7:40P   Adult-Beginner/Intermediate   15+

                                             (White-Purple Belts)

  18                  6/10-8/26   7:40-9:10P   Adult-Advanced           15+
                                             (Brown-Black Belts)

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