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                      AFTER SCHOOL CARE LM

                      Pleasant Dale Park District and Pleasantdale School District 107
                      have  collaborated to create  a safe,  supervised  and convenient
                      before and after-school child care program held at the Pleasantdale
                      Elementary School. Children who attend Pleasantdale Elementary
                      School remain on site, while students from the Pleasantdale Middle
                      School are bused.

                      Morning care begins at 6:45 AM until the beginning of school and
                      the afternoon supervision is available from the end of school until
                      5 PM. Activities will be held both indoor and outdoor.

                      Registration will take place online. All forms will be completed
                      online. Children must be registered the Thursday before the week
                      of care to be provided. There is a one-time registration fee of $30
                      per child which must be paid with the first registration.

                      Grade: Pre-K thru 8th
                      Location Pleasantdale Elementary School
                      For more information or questions please contact Laurie Murray at

                      Fee    AM Only $15.50
                             PM Only $15.50
                             AM/PM Same Day $27.50
                             10% discount for each additional child
                              registered for the same session

                                  EXTRA INNINGS REGISTRATION PROCEDURE

                    1.  Visit  Select “online registration” under the registration tab. Select “register online now”  this will being you to the home
                    2.  Create an account or sign in if you already have an account.  This software is new as of May 8, 2021.
                    3.  If it is your first time registering for Extra innings select the Membership tab. Each child is required to pay a onetime non-refundable
                        membership fee of $30 for the 2022-23 school year. If you have already paid the membership fee go to step 5.
                    4.  Once this is completed for each child you may begin to select your days and times by selecting “add new registration”
                    5.  Select “Extra Innings” under the Programs tab.
                    6.  There are 3 categories for each week:  AM, PM, and AM/PM (this is for same day)
                    7.  Select “register now” for the appropriate week and category for care you would like to register your child for.
                    8.  Select the member of your household you wish to register. If you have multiple children , register one at a time. Select fee type(resident is
                        your only option.)
                    9.  Select the days you want and click “save” If you are registering the first child  you will select the Day ex: Monday AM.  If you are registering
                        your 2nd or 3rd child select the Day ex: Monday addt’l  child. Click “save”
                    10.  If you are done with selecting your dates and time select “go to checkout” or if you need to register addition dates or children select “add
                        new registration” and repeat steps 3-9 as appropriate.
                    11.  Select go to check out and you will need to complete the waiver(this is required each time you register for a new week.)
                    12.  The first time you register you will need to complete the required forms for each child.  (these forms are one time only and are shared with
                        future registrations for Extra Innings)  If any pertinent information changes please call the front desk to make corrections 630-662-6220
     6                                        If you have any problems or require further assistance, please call us!
                    13.  Once all forms are filled out completely you can proceed to check out and payment.

                                                                 THANK YOU
                                                  Fall 2022  |  Pleasant Dale Park District
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