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         The professional staff of All Star Sports Instruction knows what it takes to coach and compete at high levels.  Learning proper mechanics
         and footwork early can make huge difference as the athletes grow.

         Trained and dedicated, the All Star Staff has the patience and know how to motivate and get down to the young players level.  All of the
         Junior programs are designed to keep everyone actively moving, thinking and having fun!  Drills are hidden in fun games and terminology
         that kids can understand.   The All Star coaches are dedicated to making sure that each child has positive and fun experience in whatever
         sport they choose as they begin to develop a passion for their desired sport.  Learning about teamwork and sportsmanship is a large part
         of these programs and extremely important for them to grasp.  They will always be part of a team, no matter what their surroundings and
         our goal is to fuel the passion as we get them started in the right direction.

       T-BALL JR. PROGRAM MD                             FLAG FOOTBALL SKILLS PROGRAM MD
       T-Ball can be a boring game if taught the wrong way!  The All   This program is designed to increase skill level and overall
       Star approach to baseball is one that will engage all players no   knowledge of the game.  Speed and agility drills will be used to help
       matter their skill level.  Our coaching technique will provide basic   with balance, lateral and linear movements, and explosiveness from
       building blocks in a fun safe environment.  We have created a   a set stance.  Footwork is balance is extremely important for every
       system that keeps the players moving and learning even while in   position on the field and will be worked on always!  Quarterback,
       the dugout!  Mechanics and hand eye coordination are the keys
       to early success. Players in this program will be more confident in   running back, line play and receiving will be focused on, as well as
       this active class as we work on the proper mechanics of catching,   defensive tactics.  Small sided games and competitions will take
       throwing, fielding, base running and batting.  This fun and exciting   place where CONTACT IS MINIMAL, THERE WILL BE NO TACKLING!
       program will prepare each player for the level II, t-ball or coach   Equipment: Please bring a water bottle
       pitch leagues.  All of our programs are based on learning teamwork
       and sportsmanship.                                Day          Friday
       Equipment: Please bring a water bottle and glove  Fee          $97R/$126NR (9/3-10/22)
                                                                      $84R/$109NR (10/29-12/17)
       Day          Friday                               Location     Rec Center Gym
       Fee          $97R/$126NR (9/3-10/22)              Instructor   All Star Sports
                    $84R/$109NR (10/29-12/17)            No Class     11/25                                    YOUTH ATHLETICS
       Location     Rec Center Gym                       Min/Max      6/12
       Instructor   All Star Sports
       No Class     11/25                                  DATES      TIME         AGE
       Min/Max      6/12                                   8/26-10/14   5:00-5:45P   5-7
                                                           8/26-10/14   5:45-6:45P   8-10
         DATES      TIME        AGE                        10/28-12/16   5:00-5:45P   5-7
         8/26-10/14  3:00-3:45P  3-4                       10/28-12/16   5:45-6:45P   8-10
         8/26-10/14   3:45-4:45P   5-6
         10/28-12/16   3:00-3:45P   3-4
         10/28-12/16   3:45-4:45P   5-6


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