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THANKS TO OUR SUMMER BASEBALL/FALL SOCCER COACHES                                                       YOUTH ATHLETICS

       Pleasant Dale Park District would like to recognize the efforts and dedication of our volunteer coaches.
       These individuals went above and beyond by dedicating their time and talents to bring the best possible
       experience to their players in our Youth Athletic Leagues. These coaches help make up the quality
       programs that we offer here at Pleasant Dale Park District. On behalf of our community, our staff, and all
       the players you coach…THANK YOU!

       BJ Farmer               Barret Ehgoetz          Michael Natale          Jenny Rocco
       Jude Dina               Dan Lenzen              Tim O’Connor            Adam Lester
       Jack Powell             Dave Boundas            John Hepokoski          Bill Moore
       Matt Medhat             Katie Gilfillian        Jon Casabal             Christopher Beavers
       Dave Kopp               Nicole Slightom         Brent Mulder            Kris Olson
       Mike Bartholome         Joe Furey               Paige Patera            Mike Hearn
       Mike Stimac             Matt Calmeyn            Courtney Borkowski      Michael Nisbet
       Ed Corbett              Eric Wong               Alyson Lubker           Paul Signorino
       Shannon Leuzi           Peter Tapia             David Milnes            Alex Smith
       Austen Alexa            Jeff Jawroski           Stephanie Farmer        Bill Brockob
       Johnathan Moog          Brian Webb              Marcus Mosthof          Jill Lundin
       David Shultz            Brian Schwartz          Erin Fort               Rick Thomas
                                                                                                                9 9
       Michael Bugaj           Matt Waddell            Jillian Ryan

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