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      The gym will be opened for pickleball pick-up games, practice, and
      learning of the game. There will be three courts open for pickleball
      in the Walker Park gymnasium. The nets will be set up and there will
      be extra balls and paddles available if needed. The sign up for each
      court will be in gym on a white board for all three courts. It will be
      first come first serve.

      Day          Monday and Wednesday
      Fee          $4R/$5NR
      Time         9am-12pm

                                                         EARLY BIRD TAI CHI AND CHI GUNG
                                                         Start your day with a healthy regiment of exercises from ancient
                                                         China that gives you a feel good approach for your whole day.
                                                         Learn the ancient health arts of Tai Chi, Chi Gung and Dao Yin in
                                                         small classes that are individual and personal.

                                                         The primary positive benefits of training are:
                                                         » Stimulate the internal organs by rotating and stretching limbs
                                                         and trunk                                             ADULT FITNESS
                                                         » Movements follow the meridians through mental concentration
                                                         and acuity
                                                         » Develop balance in body, stance and balance of mind and feelings
                                                         » Stretch tendons and ligaments through alternating tension with
                                                         relaxation to extend their connective tissues to the limit, making
                                                         them more flexible
                                                         » Exhaling the old and inhaling the new, achieving the unity of
                                                         body, mind and spirit
                                                         Classes run continuously, meet twice a week and are comprehensive
                                                         for beginners and the advanced.
                                                         Try a class for free! To attend a FREE class, please make an
                                                         appointment by calling 630-662-6220.  This free trial class
                                                         includes a one hour private session with the instructor. Join
                                                         us in the eighth anniversary of being at Pleasant Dale Park
                                                         For more information go to
                                                         Registration month-by-month basis.

                                                         Age          18+
                                                         Instructor   Patrick Baio
                                                         Location     Rec Center
                                                         Fees         1 day per week $38R/$47NR
                                                                      2 days per week $75R/$93NR
                                                         Day          Monday and Wednesday

                                                           DATES      TIME        AGE
                                                           1/4-1/30   9:00-10:30A  18+
                                                           2/1-2/27   9:00-10:30A  18+
                                                           3/1-3/29   9:00-10:30A   18+

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