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           FREE                 Easter egg hunt

                                     Saturday - April 11

           Hop on down to the annual Easter Egg Hunt. The bunny has left eggs filled with candy and
           goodies. There are 6 golden eggs on the “bunny fields.” If you find the golden egg, please bring
           your egg to the front desk at Walker Park. Your golden surprise will be waiting for you. When
           your basket is full, enjoy a cookie and drink. Be sure to dress according to weather conditions.
           If it is raining, the event will be canceled and not rescheduled.      The Flagg Creek Museum will
           Please recycle all leftover eggs after the hunt!
                                                                                  be open during and after the
                                                                                  Easter Egg Hunt in Walker Park
           Ages:        2–12
           Time:        Ages 2–4 10:00 AM SHARP     All Children will need to     for a look at our Old Fashioned
                        Ages 5–7 10:05 AM SHARP     bring their own bag or        Easter display. One hundred
                        Ages 8–12 10:10 AM SHARP    basket for this hunt.         year old postcards, Grandma’s
           Location:    Walker Park (Near the Gazebo)                             Easter basket and a collection
           Fee:         FREE                                                      of Easter treats will be on
           Parents are allowed to assist the 2–4 year olds. No                    display. There will be a small
           adults on the “bunny fields” with the 5–12 year olds.
                                                                                  treat for the children.

                                              Santa’s Mailbox

                                              Have you been a good boy or girl this year? Santa and his elves have been
                                              busy all year at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas and want to read
                                              all of your letters. We can deliver them for you! Bring your letters to Walker
                                              Park, and drop them in Santa’s Mailbox starting December 2nd. Santa will
                                              answer all letters by Christmas Eve. Remember Santa and the Elves are
                                              watching! Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope.All letters must
                                              be received by December 13.
                                              All letters must be received by December 13th.


       Saturday, March 14

       Teams will need to combine the right mix of speed, agility, strategy, and teamwork
       to defeat their opponents in the Nerf Tournament Arena.  Matches are played by
       teams of 4 players in Capture the Flag format, with referees.  Players must wear
       protective eyewear, and provide an unmodified Nerf Dart gun. Standard darts will
       be provided and dart guns will be inspected before play begins.   You may register
       as a single or as a team of four, but each player must register separately: be sure to   NERF DART GUESS
       indicate your teammates on your registration form.
                                                                             Take a wild guess how many nerf darts are in the
       Code:      32250         Code:     32251                              jar.  The winner will be notified on March 1.  Begin
       Ages:      6–9           Ages:     10–13                              guessing January 6.
       Date:      3/14          Date:     3/14                               The lucky winner will WIN free entry to the Nerf
       Time:      10 AM - 12 PM  Time:    12  - 2 PM                         Wars tournament on Saturday, March 14.
       Location:   Walker Park   Location:   Walker Park
       Fee:       $12 res/$15 nr  Fee:    $12 res/$15 nr

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