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                                              Family Fishing Derby

                                                                                Saturday - June 13
                                                    Introduce your children to a fun tradition. We provide the bait and
                                                       a well-stocked lake to create lasting memories for all those who
                                                  participate. Don’t forget a camera to photograph the award winning
                                                      smiles your children will have when catching that fish. Prizes are
                                                      awarded to the smallest fish, largest fish and most caught in the
                                                  allotted time. Please register by June 6th. You will need to provide
                                                      your own fishing pole. No fishing license required. Lake Carriage
                                                    Way is located in the Carriage Way Subdivision of Burr Ridge at the
                                                                     corner of Carriage Way Drive and Old Mill Lane.

                                                                                          Ages:                All
                                                                                          Time:          9 - 11 AM
                                                                                       Location:    Lake Carriage Way
                                                                                           Fee:              FREE

                                                                    Don’t                      Any class that fails
                                                                                               to reach minimum
                                                                                           enrollment 2 business
            KEN MALNAR GOLF                                        Delay!             days prior to the first class
            Page 38                                                                   meeting may be cancelled.

       Pleasant Dale Parks Foundation

       We are a diverse of highly dedicated volunteers built on the strength and positive perception of the Pleasant

       Dale Park District. Our mission is to support targeted growth, green space, educational, environmental and

       health-based programs that stimulate philanthropy and the Pleasant Dale community, and further enhance

       the park district. Please check us out on the website to learn more on how you can help us support our

       community at

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